Pikralida in “Puls Biznesu”

PIKRALIDA research team got the spotlight in Puls Biznesu, having won the “Polish Smart Growth Award”.

The article on the projects implemented by our company may be found in the high-status section Rzecz o Innowacjach (“Innovations”), which promotes innovative projects and novel investments that improve the standard of living of the society.

The publication is available both online: Pikralida – heading to the top

Pikralida – heading to the top

Let us proudly present the current winners of the “Polish Smart Growth Award”: It’s the PIKRALIDA research team!

Pikralida is a biopharmaceutical start-up focused on comprehensive implementation of research and development projects. The company was founded by dr Stanisław Pikul, acting CEO, dr Anna Krause, Research and Development Director, and dr Joanna Lipner, Managing Director. Based on the latest scientific reports and the team’s many years of experience in organic synthesis, pharmaceutical analysis, design and development of pharmaceutical formulations, as well as pre-clinical and clinical research, Pikralida implements projects from the stage of coming up with an innovative therapeutic solution concept all the way to that of its clinical verification (proof-of-concept or bioequivalence clinical trials).

The company is focused on R&D projects related to the development of novel therapies and innovative formulations of medicinal products. The company’s portfolio consists of many projects with various risk level and a meticulously planned timeframe for the commercialisation thereof.
Pikralida is currently implementing two projects focused on the development of innovative drugs in the area of diseases of the central nervous system. The objective behind the most advanced of these, dubbed EpiFix, is to develop a drug preventing the development of post-injury and post-stroke epilepsy, based on blocking the process of epileptogenesis.

The initiation of clinical trials of the MMP9 matrix metalloprotease inhibitor selected in the course of the R&D work completed so far, named PKL-021, is planned for 2023. The other project is about developing a drug for patients suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. This condition has an orphan disease status. To date, no effective treatment of its underlying cause has been developed, which means patients are treated with drugs that slow down the progression of the disease, although only to a small degree.

The company’s portfolio also includes projects relating to innovative formulations. Advanced scientific work involves the development of medicinal products containing unique combinations of known active substances and the possibility of using modern manufacturing technologies, such as hot melt extrusion. Medicinal products with modern formulations are a game changer for patients in terms of both efficacy and comfort of use, while allowing for simplifying drug dosing regimens and eliminating patients’ mistakes.
Importantly, since its very beginnings in February 2019, the Company has managed to obtain grants, both from national and European funds, for the implementation of five R&D projects. The total value of the projects under these is no less than PLN 40 million.
Once again, congratulations, and keep up working towards further successes!

Sebastian Wach, Puls Biznesu 19.10.202

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