“From idea to industry”, or how to develop BioTech in Poland

Global successes and figures associated with biotech companies provide substantial food for thought. Would it be possible in Poland as well? How do you transform a good idea and promising research results into your own company in the BioTech industry? What mistakes to avoid, where to seek help and what best practices to use?

Dr Stanisław Pikul’s speech during Bio Forum session entitled “From idea to industry”, or how to develop BioTech in Poland is part of a larger event, namely the European Biotech Week https://biotechweek.org/ offering online meetings on a dedicated Internet platform.

You can get to know more about the events organised by the Central Europe Bio Forum here: http://cebioforum.com/.
The second day of the event provided an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and valuable insights between those who have already entered this path and those who intend to do so. Pikralida’s CEO talked about what, in his experience, was essential when we have just launched our business. The key factors include: a good idea, a committed team, finances and available infrastructure, enthusiasm, and hard work.

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