Pikralida on the deeptech map!

We are very proud to announce that Pikralida has been included in the Deeptech Map in the Central European region. Technologies dubbed “deep tech” are defined as breakthrough solutions based on technological achievements that are unique, protected and difficult to replicate.

Initially, the term referred only to research and development divisions of large corporations in the defence or telecommunications sectors. However, in recent years its meaning augmented to encompass start-ups as well. Deep tech start-ups have the chance to create solutions that are unconventional and solve real problems. However, both the innovative nature of the solutions and the need for research and design mean that it takes a really long time to bring a new project to market very long. Thus, this type of start-up bears increased technological risk at the stage of research and development (i.e. solution creation). Hence, deep tech solutions are characterised by large capital needs. Investors are sought who are ready to make an investment associated with technological risk. A map of the Central European deep tech ecosystem is therefore a valuable database for such investment firms.

Poland currently has approximately 150 deep tech start-ups

  • 30 chemical start-ups
  • 42 med tech deep techs

Interestingly, in terms of investment, 2022 is a record year, with EUR 299 million (PLN 1.39bn) invested in regional deep tech, more than in the whole of 2020.

And as soon as in November, together with Aper Ventures and Innovative Poland (Slawomir Olejnik) we will meet for the first time at Deep Tech Summit.

Here is the link to Central Europe Deeptech Startup Map

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