Manufacture of active substances in Poland – a viable opportunity or a pipe dream?

Everywhere in the European Union, people expect equal access to safe, modern, and affordable treatments. Apart from accurate diagnosis and properly chosen drug therapy, ready access to medicinal products is an essential component necessary to ensure that the patient has effective treatment.

The COVID-19 outbreak revealed the severity of the threat faced by societies posed by monopolisation of the supply of medicines. In the event of a breakdown in the supply chain, whether due to epidemiological or political causes, the location in Poland of ready drug factories alone will not be sufficient to safeguard the health security of its citizens. This makes it a must for the scientific community to work hand in hand with the pharmaceutical and chemical industry in order to bolster the domestic sector of production of active substances and raw materials required for the production thereof.

Between 22 and 24 September, Lublin hosted the XXIV Scientific Congress of the Polish Pharmaceutical Society. CEO of Pikralida, Stanisław Pikul, PhD, participated in a panel discussion held as part of the Congress, entitled “Manufacture of active substances in Poland – a viable opportunity or a pipe dream?” The panel was chaired by dr hab. Piotr Rudzki.
Other panel members included Marlena Tryka, Deputy Head of the Department for Innovation and Industrial Policy, Ministry of Development and Technology, dr Anna Kowalczuk, Director of the National Medicines Institute, Krzysztof Kopeć, President of the Polish Pharmaceutical Industry Employers’ Union – National Medicines Manufacturers, prof. dr hab. Andrzej Kutner, Warsaw Medical University.

The panel discussions addressed the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, the need to safeguard drug safety in Poland and the European Union, and the importance of effective international cooperation.

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