BigPharma Day

Joanna Lipner represented Pikralida sp. zo.o. in a panel discussion at Big Pharma Day2022, an event organised this year by the CITTRU Technology Transfer Centre at the Jagiellonian University.

Knowledge exchange and experience sharing is crucial to encouraging collaboration and creating successful partnerships between academia and industry.
The event gathered experts, both former and current employees of major Polish and foreign pharmaceutical companies with experience in the development and commercialisation of novel therapeutic molecules, as well as managers investing in and supervising biomedical companies.
The two-day meeting focused on drug project planning, drug substance development, the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and obtaining research funding from business partners and public agencies.

BigPharma Day2022 in a nutshell:

  • there’s a lot of interesting things happening at Polish universities (there will be a synchrotron in Poland! @Solaris)
  • pharmaceutical companies are looking for projects and are open to talks, but they expect the project to be presented in a synthetic form with a specific background – detailed project documentation is key;
  • companies are open to collaboration with academic groups which have developed interesting disease models or which are able to conduct advanced research into molecular mechanisms;
  • despite several undisputed successes of Polish biotechnology companies, Polish VC funds are still very cautious (if not openly sceptical) when it comes to investing in young biotech companies developing new drugs,
  • #EuropeanFunds allowed the rapid and dynamic development of Polish biotechnology companies. It is to be hoped that more calls will follow soon!

Here you can find event announcement and BigPharma Day agenda




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