EpiFix on the Innovation Map of the Ministry of Health

An innovative project implemented by Pikralida: “Use of matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor for the development of an innovative therapeutic method for preventing the development of post-injury and post-stroke epilepsy” has been included in the healthcare innovation map created by the Ministry of Health’s Innovation Department.

The innovation map presents innovative projects, ventures, services and products that are designed to improve the functioning of the health care system in Poland. The intention behind the initiative is to make sure that the patient receives the best possible care, that appropriate support is provided to medical staff, and that the efficiency, quality and accessibility of the services provided is enhanced.

The main objective of the map is to bring together innovative healthcare projects in a single space, while providing the option of a readily searchable database of projects of interest by selected categories and specialisations. This makes it easy to sort through projects both by specialists, who can find solutions in their speciality here, and by patients, who may seek medical innovations to meet their health needs. The map is equally useful to private and public entities that want to collaborate in a particular area of innovation with other entities that have experience in a particular category or specialisation.

Here you can find the Innovation map of the Ministry of Health

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