Award for Pikralida during the Intelligent Development Forum

We are proud to say that during the Intelligent Development Forum organised in Toruń, the team of Pikralida sp. z o.o. received the Polish Intelligent Development Award in the category of Innovative Future Technologies and Research. The prize was awarded for activities related to the development of medicinal products ensuring optimal efficacy and safety of drug therapy and a positive approach to raising awareness of the results of previous undertakings across the society.

Innovations and investments of the future were among the key issues raised by participants of the Forum meetings organised in Toruń on 26-29 September 2021 ( Pikralida was represented by Stanisław Pikul and Joanna Lipner.
The Forum also attracted the research milieu and representatives of local governments and institutions from the business environment.

During the Forum, Stanisław Pikul, PhD, participated in the debate entitled “Basic and clinical research were never as important for smart development”.

Pikralida also made its debut in the exhibition space.

The reception of the Smart Growth Award was a major event at the Forum for Pikralida representatives.

The subsequent editions of the Forum are to provide a meeting place between visionaries and investors. Since the forum’s very beginning in 2016, it has predominantly been addressing the challenges faced by innovators in transferring knowledge from science to business and successfully bringing new or improved services and products to the market.

Congress participants focus on basic research which is a prerequisite for innovation, and it is precisely such projects that are particularly promoted here in order to increase the potential of future research being used in business practice.

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