About us

Pikralida is a biopharmaceutical start-up developing medicinal products to address unmet medical needs while providing the highest efficacy and safety in pharmacotherapy.
Our currently implemented projects include therapeutic solutions based on innovative small-molecule substances, innovative formulations of combination preparations/drugs, and modern drug delivery systems. The needs of patients suffering from civilisation and neurological diseases and those from the geriatric population are the primary focus in our work.

The mission of Pikralida is to create and maintain an attractive portfolio of projects with an intention to license or sell them to pharmaceutical companies for further development and introduction to global markets in the future.

Based on the current knowledge and our Team’s many years of experience in organic synthesis, pharmaceutical analysis, design and development of pharmaceutical formulations, as well as pre-clinical and clinical research, we implement projects from the stage of coming up with an innovative therapeutic solution concept all the way to that of its clinical verification (proof-of-concept or bioequivalence clinical trials). As part of our activity, we implement projects based on our own ideas, purchased licences as well as the requirements of our business partners. At our disposal, we have an extensive network of international experts and academic bodies, both Polish and foreign, with whom we proactively collaborate in research and development.

Drawing on the unique expertise and experience of its scientific team, Pikralida offers professional R&D services in a CRO (Contract Research Organization) model in the scope of drug discovery and development, which include chemical synthesis, development of formulations, and pharmaceutical analysis.
On an ongoing basis, we monitor technology trends to evaluate new products and technologies, and we are in dialogue with clinicians and patient groups to understand their needs to the greatest extent possible. We implement all projects in accordance with current knowledge and regulatory requirements, to meet the highest standard of research.